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  • Publication date : February 18, 2020
  • Language : English
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  • Print length : 148 pages
  • by Tit Petric
  • Format : azw3、epub、mobi 、pdf

Writing good services in Go can be a challenge – you have to write out your database structures, unit and integration testing with CI to see what breaks, keep them updated with migrations, define your API endpoints and routing, update your documentation – all of these things keep you from building your service. Let’s be smart about it.

About the Book

Are you stuck writing boilerplate code for your microservice?

The book takes you on a 24 chapter adventure where you’ll learn how to get rid of the chore work that is keeping you from actually writing your microservices. We’ll resort to automation for taking care of your data structures, SQL migrations, API endpoints and routing, updating your documentation, along with CI and monitoring – all the things you need, but at the same time don’t need to do by hand.

About the Author

I’m a seasoned veteran of software engineering. Interested in performance optimization and problem solving. High traffic, high availability, virtualization, docker – these are the categories in which I live.

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