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  • Publication date : March 27, 2021
  • Language : English
  • File size : 23645 KB
  • Print length : 565 pages
  • by Maksim Ivanov (Author), Alex Bespoyasov (Author), Nate Murray (Editor)
  • Format : epub、mobi 、pdf

Fullstack React with TypeScript is a practical, guide that will have you (and your team) writing React apps with TypeScript (and hooks) in no time.

You might think of TypeScript as something that only applies to Angular – after all, it was Angular that pioneered using TypeScript for web development.

But adoption of TypeScript with React has skyrocketed this past year – and for good reason. React and TypeScript are a powerful combination that can prevent bugs and help you (and your team) ship products faster.

I’ve switched all of my new React development to TypeScript this year. While the type-checking is a little bit more work in the beginning, it’s a huge help to productivity over the course of a project — particularly because your editor can now help you code.

But there is one problem with using React and TypeScript:

Understanding idiomatic React patterns with TypeScript isn’t always straightforward.

When I was starting off, I struggled:

to get typings working properly — without using the generic any type everywhere
integrating with third-party libraries that didn’t always include their own types! – what are you supposed to do then?
typing complicated objects like Redux reducers and actions
typing even more complicated objects like GraphQL queries
I love the productivity boost using TypeScript gives me with React. But it took me months and months to get these patterns straight.

And that’s why we wrote this book. You won’t have to struggle for months. In fact, you’ll be able to learn these patterns in just a few hours.

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