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  • Publisher : Razeware LLC (September 30, 2019)
  • Language : English
  • File size : 13605 KB
  • Paperback : 352 pages
  • by raywenderlich Tutorial Team (Author), Filip Babić (Author), Nishant Srivastava (Author)
  • Format : epub、pdf

Learn Coroutines in Kotlin and Android!

Executing background tasks has always been a big challenge in every environment and, in particular, on mobile devices where resources are limited. Kotlin has simplified the way you can write code improving your productivity with a new programming paradigm, enhancing object-oriented and functional programming with with simple, powerful and new constructs. Coroutines are one of these!

Who This Book Is For

This book is for intermediate Kotlin or Android developers who already know the basics of UI development but want to learn coroutine API in order to simplify and optimize their code.

Topics Covered in This Book

Asynchronous programming: Learn what asynchronous programming means and how to achieve it using not blocking calls.Configuration: Learn how to configure IntelliJ and Android Studio in order to use Coroutine APIs.Coroutine principles**: Learn what coroutines and launching builders are and how to manage Job dependencies.Suspending functions: This is the main concept around coroutines and you’ll learn how to declare a suspending function and how to deal with results.Sequences and Iterators: Learn how to manage theoretically infinite collections of data in an efficient way using Sequences, Iterators and the yield function.Thread communication techniques**: Learn how different tasks can communicate using Channels, Actors, and specific coroutine operators.And much more, including benchmarks, Broadcast Channels, State machines!

One thing you can count on: After reading this book, you’ll be prepared to take advantage of all the improvements coroutines have to offer!

About the Tutorial Team

The Tutorial Team is a group of app developers and authors who write tutorials at the popular website We take pride in making sure each tutorial we write holds to the highest standards of quality. We want our tutorials to be well written, easy to follow, and fun. If you’ve enjoyed the tutorials we’ve written in the past, you’re in for a treat. The tutorials we’ve written for this book are some of our best yet – and this book contains detailed technical knowledge you simply won’t be able to find anywhere else.

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